K & B National Research is a family owned and operated company founded in 2009 with a vision to provide quality nationwide recruiting for market research. We started as a company that only did recruiting for consumer moderators, trial consultants and pharmaceutical moderators. Clients who required a higher quality recruitment to avoid unqualified and/or professional respondents in their focus groups. We began with 2 part time workers and today we have more than 30 full time employees plus provide work for hundreds of vendors each year.

We have 4 significate dates in our history. We are proud of each and look forward to the next!



as K & B National Research, LLC Kelli and Brian are the founder’s children and are the initials of the logo and name. They both work for the company in their specialty area. The logo is a focus group table surrounding the nation



our first “office” with 2 employees. It was a very humble, a 900 sq. ft. house converted for business in a neighborhood converted for other small businesses like restaurants and clothing. We were proud of our nice little office and our client list continued to grow. Our reputation for quality recruiting spread and within a few months we had 5 employees. Within 1 year we were searching for larger space.



to a 5000 sq. ft. space and built 47 stations. We were producing more than 15 projects per month and needed more space. While we didn’t need this much space we decided we would bite the bullet now and grow into the space. As our client base expanded so did the number of employees and soon we were providing full time jobs for more than 20 and was still growing. In 2013 we added a focus group room to our call center because our clients wanted to use a K & B owned facility. They wanted the same quality focus group rooms as the quality of our recruitment.



to our current office and signed a 10 year lease. From scratch we built out an 8000 sq. ft. full service focus group facility and supporting call center in Dallas. The facility has 4 full size conference rooms with observation rooms that can hold up to 30 clients. Each suite is well appointed with luxury seating Hi Def cameras and HI FI audio with Best in Class service from our well-seasoned QA’s.


Our company started in the heart of the deepest recession our country has ever seen and research budgets were at an all-time low. When budgets were this lean researchers looked to the best quality recruiters they can find and that’s how K & B has built its foundation. We are the “go to” recruiters for quality and that’s why our clients keep coming back.


Our motto says it all—Quality Research Starts with Us!


Monday10:00AM - 9:00PM
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