Nationwide Database

K&B recruiting is conducted by highly trained professional recruiters with unmatched experience. Our team has a carefully designed confirmations process that consistently yields the best show rate in the industry, and we mean it – the best. Every client is provided with a live,personalized profile of respondents available to you 24/7. Also, our investment in high level call center technology allows us to produce your respondents faster and more efficiently than anyone else. We are a fully automated and paperless call center.

Random Digit Dialing

Random Digit Dialing, or RDD, is a calling method that requires the sample used by the recruiting company come from public records, rather than a database of opt-in respondents. This method is favored by various social scientists for its demographical and psychological advantages. These researchers believe RDD recruiting separates those who volunteer to participate and those who are chosen to participate and prefer the latter.

K&B Goes Green

The environment is an extremely fragile part of our world and maintaining the proper standard of living seems to be an uphill battle at times. Our company has made consistent strides to upgrade, modernize, and maintain higher standards and equipment to ensure we are ahead of the curve and winning each battle. Below you will find our latest achievements and products that exemplify what it means to go green.

This proprietary product was designed to make the screening process more efficient and environmentally friendly by removing the paper screeners from the call center and replacing them with online screeners. No, this does not mean we send respondents the screener like a survey. Simply said, all this means is our recruiters use our secure software to screen respondents instead of unnecessarily wasting paper. If you have any further questions as to how this new product works, feel free to reach out and contact us at anytime.


Each of these certifications shows our business has been recognized for using energy wisely, recycling consistently, using recycled and energy efficient products, and being environmentally savvy. On top of that we have also taken the proper strides to ensure we are one of the first paperless call centers in the industry. Thanks to our e-based screening process, and our continuing efforts to do our part to give back to the environment, we are proud to be Paperless© and Green Office™ certified!


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